Universal V4.3 Is A Multi-user App For Android

August 26, 2018 / Universal,multi-user,app for Android,

Description and Details

UniversalThis is a universal application for Android with which you can create anything you like. You can use and merge as many timelines, blogs, news feeds, playlists, pages, etc. If necessary, add icons, create sections and select them. Push Notifications from OneSignal - it's easy to send push messages and URLs to your users. Save articles and messages from Wordpress and RSS offline. Web pages and Youtube videos can be presented as your favorite subjects. Tumblr images can be saved to local storage. Just make your application by customizing the colors and using your own icons for the menu items. You can also choose between several styles for your navigation menu. Admob Banners & Interstitials - When creating Admob it takes only a few seconds to add a banner to your application and display advertisements while navigating. Show comments to messages, videos and articles from Youtube, Facebook, Wordpress and Instagram in your application.