WoWonder 1,5.6 Verify All Apps Without Modifying Code

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Description and Details

Wowonder is best PHP Script for creating a social website.


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this a simple solution to verifying WoWonder Apps , Just Follow The Steps :

1. In WoWonder , There is a file called Requests.php, 

2. Open and Search android inside it , 

3. When you reach the first search result, it will be either about Android native app verification code or Android messenger verification code (you will know it when you see it, it's written )

4. Observe : 

$data['android_status']        = 0;         $data['windows_status']        = 0;         $data['android_native_status'] = 0;         if (!empty($_POST['android_purchase_code'])) {             $android_code = Wo_Secure($_POST['android_purchase_code']);             $file         = file_get_contents("{$android_code}&type=android", false, stream_context_create($arrContextOptions));             $check        = json_decode($file, true);             if (!empty($check['status'])) {                 if ($check['status'] == 'SUCCESS') {                     $update                 = Wo_SaveConfig('footer_background', '#aaa');                     $data['android_status'] = 200;

in the above code , footer_background is a row in a table and #aaa is its value.  The above example is for android timeline app verification. 

4.1 : Change the following from 0 to 1.

$data['android_status']   = 1;         $data['windows_status'] = 1;         $data['android_native_status'] = 1;

**Do This so that WoWonder Server or App When Uses The API To Fetch the status, It Thinks and tells Backend that this is legit copy. 


5. Goto PHPMYADMIN , Then Goto Your WoWonder Database and Goto Table wo_configand search the "row" name for e.g footer_background , and then enter #aaa as its value when you edit it. Done !

6. Go back to WoWonder Dashboard and App Verification In API Tab and You Will See Timeline App Verified ????????????????????????

Q: How to do for all apps ? 

A:  Search the above code i showed , from there , the app verification codes start. Keep scrolling below and you will see windows , ios and messenger somewhere in the code. Find the row names and their values then edit them in the database. Refresh Admin dashboard and Done ! This way you will end up with less bans. This works for me atleast. 

Note : This Currently Works Only For WoWonder 1.5.x Versions !

Q. How Does This Make Sense ?

A. It Makes sense because The Developer Knew that PHP Is easy to crack as it is not a compiled language like others so , he used a clever technique to find out if the script was legit or not. He also knew that who would think that a DAMN color would actually be used instead of Purchase key ? Isn't it ? I found this pattern in the requests.php file