Symphonies - Account Generator Template PHP Script

July 15, 2018 / Symphonies,Account Generator Template ,

Description and Details

This provides an entire template to make an account generator for your self. There is also a preset database included. There is also a "README.TXT" file in there so you know how to install it.




  • Login/Register Dynamic

  • Forgot Password page

  • Private Generator

  • News System

  • Admin Panel

  • Automatic Paypal Purchase

  • Uncrackable Password Encryption

  • Color changing for generators

  • Added Up to 100K Accounts at a time

  • Custom Packages

  • Custom Generators

  • A lot of skins

  • Three languages (FR/EN/ES)

  • Connection log

  • notification system

  • a ticket system

  • Automatic ToS

  • And more ...

  • Requirements

    • PHP 5.6

    • MySql

    • A Website

    • Instructions

      1)Transfer all files to your website.

      2)go to /include/settings.php and configure the database settings.
      3)Go to your database, log and select your DB, then click "import" button and import the "DataBase.sql" file.
      4)Then, go to your website and connect with : username = admin and password = password
      5)Go to "Settings" and change your password, VERY IMPORTANT !!!
      6)Go to your paypal account > Profile > My Selling Tools > Instant Payment Notification > Update > and then put this :

      Extra: To set an admin, go to Administration > Users and press Edit then you put "Admin" instead of "Member".